101 Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Just thought I would kick the year off with a bang! I have collected and vetted as much info on how to drive traffic to your website for you. There are loads of ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are the 101 best ways I know.


101 Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Drive Traffic To Your Website

#1. Amazon Pay Per Click? ( $75 Worth Of Free Traffic)

Yes its here:-



#2. Facebook Fan Pages

- Facebook is number one for traffic. Get one of these now!



#3. Facebook Pay Per Click

- Targeted, demographic image pay per click well worth a go



#4. Stumbleupon Pay Per Click

- 5 cents a click !



#5. YouTube Video

- Second largest search engine. Will video drive traffic to your website and work for your business?



#6. YouTube Pay Per Click

- Massive opportunity and cheap if you know what your doing



#7. Buy Cheap Traffic

- Be careful! BUT you can still get a heap of clicks for pennies



#8. Plenty of Fish Pay Per Click

- Excellent demographic targeting like facebook but cheaper!



#9. Word Of Mouth

- Get your customers talking about you by being excellent and/or offering a discount if they bring their freinds to you website



#10. Tell Your Friends To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- They want to know what your up to, tell them what your business is and give them your website address


#11. Get Your Own  Drive Traffic To Your Website Tool Bar

- There are a few companies that will help you create a branded version with your link



#12. Facebook Groups

- Takes time but the rewards are worth it



#13. Forums That Drive Traffic To Your Website

- What are the forums in YOUR industry?



#14. Classified Ad Sites

- Craigslist is pretty much the biggest



#15. Ebay

- Don’t forget this one, huge traffic even if they don’t go to your website first!



#16. Amazon Marketplace

- If you haven’t checked this out for selling physical product you’re missing out



#17. Twitter

- Will this be right for what you’re trying to achieve? Time drain or a ton of traffic?



#18. Banner Advertising

- Ever clicked on a banner?



#19. Local Business Meetings

- Sell your website and get leads passed to you



#20. Local Newspaper

- Contact your local newspaper and get a deal. They are desperate for business right now



#21. Comment On Expert Blogs

- Here are some top bloggers



#22. Create Amazing Content To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Top lists like this page are great!

Find the top websites in your niche


#23. Create A TV Show Online

I interviewed Andrew Lock who is a master at this



#24. Become An Expert

- If you can position yourself as a master, people will send traffic to you website for free



#25. Interviews

- Interview experts in your field, I did



#26. Social Bookmarking

- So great to put your content all over the place

Bookmarking demon is amazing


#27. Search Engine Optimization

- Great they changed it to SEO for simplicity

I use SEOpressor. Here is a review


#28. Buy Domains With Traffic To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Bizarre but many people do this



#29. Get backlinks

- More backlinks = higher Google rankings



#30. Industry Directories For Your Niche

- Just search in Goolge for YOURNICHE directories and add your company



#31. Guest Post For Someone’s Blog

- Find expert blogs and ask them if you can write some content containing your link for them


#32. Write an ebook and give it away

- It doesn’t have to be war and peace just enough to get them excited



#33. Build An Email List To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- one of the four pillars of Internet marketing : Build thy list!



#34. Solo Ads

- Companies will send an email  to their list for you


#35. Put Your Product On Clickbank

- Clickbank is a excellent affiliate system that could get 100s of affiliates sending traffic to your website



#36. Photo Sites To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- If you have content that’s photos, a great way to get people to you website



#37. Syndacate your content

- Not easy to explain in 1 line but basically automating everything so you do just on thing and a process does the rest to get your content on lots of sites


#38. Get Your Own Blog To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- WordPress is like an instant website and excellent for ranking in Google. Best used hosted by you



#39. Answer Websites

- There are many websites where you can answer questions about your niche and get traffic back to your website

http://alpha.answerly.com is a search engine for answer sites


#40. Event Websites

- Event websites allow you to publish your event for everyone to see



#41. Public Relation Websites

- If your company or story is newsworthy tell the world via P.R sites



#42. Analyse Where Your Traffic Comes, You Can Focus And Target

- If you know where your traffic comes from you can focus more and be more efficient


#43. Advertise On TV

- Are you crazy it will cost me a fortune! or will it?



#44. Create A Podcast

- Its far easier than you think and you can even get paid for advertising



#45. Billboard Avdertising

-Not for everyone, but if there is a billboard outside where your customers congregate, why not investigate


#46. Write A Book To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- There are many places you can self publish your own book for no cost. I have used Amazon



#47. Write Articles

- Write articles and upload them to the vast article websites out there

http://ezinearticles.com is the biggest


#48. Traffic Exchanges

- You surf mine and I’ll surf yours



#49. RSS Feeds

- RSS is great for getting your content out there. You can also do some wizzy things with it



#50. Ad Swaps

- Find similar companies in your niche and get them to put an advert on your Thank You page if you do the same on theirs


#51. Recycle Your Content

- If you have articles why not make them into video or MP3, then you will have more content and so drive traffic to your website


#52. Syndicate Your Videos

- The video world does not end with YouTube. There are hundreds of video websites, get your videos out there



#53. Create A Product And Sell It Via Online Markets

- Making your own products? Try:-



#54. Create A Webinar

- These are HOT HOT HOT



#55. Joint Venture

- Find a company with a big list of customers and pitch an idea, 50/50 profit


#56. Create Slides To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Create slides or graphics from articles or presentations and upload them with your website address



#57. Publish Content On Web 2.0 Sites

- These websites have huge traffic, try



#58. Get On Stage

- Have you got the courage? Just don’t forget to say you website address while your up there


#59. Posters On Local Free Noticeboards

- Starbucks have a free noticeboard. Wouldn’t it look good with your company name and website address on it!


#60. Make Product With Your Name On It

- You can add these to your website or give them away



#61. Give Presents To Your Customers

- As above really but use this as a bonus for the largest customers


#62. Get Some Beautiful Business Cards And Give Them To Everyone You Meet

- One of my favourite graphics sites right now, can’t wait to use it:-



#63. Email Footer

- Put your website on the bottom of every email now!


#64. Get Your Site On DMOZ, Yahoo Directory

- The granddaddies of directories; one’s free and one’s not. Both give you a boost in the SEO of your website

http://www.dmoz.org and https://ecom.yahoo.com/dir/submit/intro


#65. Ask Your Current Customers For Referals

- You can do this via email or letter and link it with a promotion or bonus


#66. Do A Promotion To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Give away something that cost you nothing from your business. This is a paid promotion via Facebook, check it out



#67. Give Away Other Peoples Stuff

- There are companies that just give away stuff to get exposure. You can use their stuff to promote your own company



#68. Put Vouchers In Other People’s Orders

- In our organic veg delivery we always get a flyer from another company, which companies could you partner with?


#69. Put Ads On Micro Websites

- What would you do for $5 and how much traffic or video views could you get?



#70. Advertise On Outsourcing Websites

- Could you sell your services to other countries? There’d be big traffic on these

http://www.elance.com and http://www.odesk.com


#71. Flyers Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Very old technology but they still work and this is the cheapest I have seen in Europe



#72. Network Within Your Industry

- Network with the leaders of your industry and amazing thing will happen


#73. Make It Easy To Comment On Your Blog And Reply To Every One

- The more comments the more content, the more google loves you

Please comment below if you don’t know what I mean


#74. Learn To Ping

- Send your content to lots of different websites with one click



#75. Make An IPhone Application To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Want your own iphone app for free?



#76. Make Your Own Software

- Got an idea? Create your own app



#77. Advertise On Other People’s Websites In Your Industry

- Find targeted traffic from relevant websites. Use this



#78. Create Links For Trackbacks On High Traffic Content

- Find high traffic blogs in your niche and put links from your pages to theirs



#79. Submit Your Website To Blog Directories

- Title says it all



#80. Create An Advert Within Each Post/Page Of Your Site

- Make your own little ad for your content

Check out mine at the bottom of each page on my website


#81. Always Put Your Website Address On Everything Online

- If you go to any website or leave your name anywhere leave your website address with the http:// in the front!

example http://www.underground-traffic-secrets.com


#82. Get A Gavatar To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- If you leave comments on blogs best to have a gavatar which leaves a picture and your website address automatically



#83. Create Accounts On Social Media Sites

- Have you registered your name?


#84. Talk About It

- Everywhere you go talk about your great website, get traffic through their curiosity


#85. Outsource Traffic Generation Tasks

- get those repetitive traffic tasks out of your hair



#86. Microsite Solo Ads

- Blast your stuff out to 100,000 potential customers?



#87. Get Some Nice Graphics

-Enhance your website with compelling graphics so people come back



#88. Sell Yourself

-Don’t be shy, tell everyone how good you are, how invaluable you will be to them and give them your website address


#89. Get More Pages Indexed By Google

- Two ways I have found. A: get a higher Alexa rating and B : make sure your website map is working



#90. Create An Affiliate Program

- Why not get others to sell your products and services and send traffic to your blog?



#91. Monitor Your Traffic

- If you don’t know whose coming to your site then how do you know if your winning….I love:-



#92. Write A Newsletter

- Keep everyone informed of your success and progress in regular newsletters and put links back to your website


#93. Be Different, Send Postcards To Your Customers

- Less people are sending mail in the post, that’s why its probably a good idea to do this now


#94. Sponsor Something To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Check your local charities, causes or local sports teams


#95. Advertise In Local Magazines/ Business Guides

- Every month I get 3 or 4 local business directories through my door and I advertise in one of them


#96. Google Pay Per Click

- Had to be included. It will generate traffic to your website but is it really expensive or so highly targeted it’s really worth it?


#97. Become A Critic And Review Things To Drive Traffic To Your Website

- Review products on your website


#98. Get A Bumper Sticker

- Not for everyone but low cost



#99. Hire A Freelance Salesperson

- Yes they are out there, if they get you sales you pay them, simple



#100. Get on Google Places

- Its free and easy



#101. Advertise On Mobile Phones

- More people have mobile phones than computers



What strategies will you be using this year? Leave your comments below

Also Check out the totally amazing Ana Hoffman here:- Blog Traffic


101 Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Website or Blog in 2011 is part of the Traffic Blueprint Series

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  1. Great Phill, this has been lots of help in focusing my future efforts.

  2. Hey Phil

    Cool post mate! You know how I love lists :)


    • Thanks Dwayne

      You are an inspiration to me!

      Love your blog really cool, more lists on their way.

      When is that book coming out , I’m gonna keep saying it until you do it.

      You would sell loads.

      Dwayne Kerr – You don’t have the right……..coming soon.

      All joking aside its a great idea love it.


  3. Hey Phill, great post!!

    Would love to see a few future posts about your experience using any of these strategies in a bit more detail if possible…


    • Thanks James

      I really appreciate it

      Yeah working on them now, got lots of stuff coming.

      Just wanted to do a massive blast on the first real post

      Glad you like it

      Speak soon


  4. Love them Phil – some of these are really unique and they are the small little tricks that can bring you tons of traffic for close to no cost. Well spotted!

  5. I just saw this post in Ana Hoffman’s challenge post. I haven’t seen your blog before and I love that she linked to this post. This is great.
    I don’t have to do any additional research to find new sources of traffic, this list is enough to keep me going for years to come :)

    I see you have included Flickr for people that have site’s about photos. I wrote a post on Ana’s blog recently, there is an extra tip you can include in Flickr traffic generation there :)

    Anyway, thanks and this is just great!

  6. This is a freaking fantastic post Phil with more than a few ideas for my to-do list. Thanks a ton for the ideas.

  7. Phil,

    This a nice list. With many ideas I would have never come up with. Just taking a few ideas and really making the most of them would be ideal for any business.

    Congratulations for making Ana’s challenge. This list is was perfect.

    • Thank you Sheila

      I tried to be as broad as possible for these so they could help all different kinds of business.

      Ana is fantastic



  8. Some websites are new for me..Your lists are very exciting to me

  9. Hey Phill,

    Awesome post! There are tips that I have never thought of here. I have bookmarked and shared this.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I’ll be driving tons of traffic to my blog.

    Congratulations on making it in Ana’s challenge! :)

    Keep up the good work, Phill!

    All the best,

  10. Another great post – it will take a year to try all of these but better than relying just on S.E.O or a single strategy. Which one is best for the weight loss niche? http://junkfoodfatloss.com is my site.

    You also have one of the best “Who Am I” pages I have seen. Thanks

  11. nice one. i am going to implementing all these to my site.

  12. Scott Channon May 11, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Great Post Phil, really enjoyed. Am now thinking about Doing An Iphone App


  13. Hey Phill,

    Great great ideas about how to get traffic to your site, i’ve started using a couple already and it definately works.

    Speak to you soon buddy,

  14. Have you ever tried #86 yourself? I mean having someone ‘promote’ your site (or fan page) to the 90,000 facebook friends.
    Isn’t it the same as were people try to sell you 100,000 guaranteed visitors and you only get automated bogus traffic.

    Happy to hear your experiences.

    • Hi Yamato

      Yes it worked to some extent but Facebook changes all the time so test it out, its only $5 a go.

      I used it to build fans quickly.

      Let me know how you get on.



  15. Awesome. Some of them I have been aware of but there are others I never even thought of!. Importantly, you have summarised them nicely in one short list. Thank you so much.

  16. I have recently started a website, the info you offer on this website has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  17. shopping cart with swivel wheels April 20, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Hiya! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the nice info you will have right here on this post.
    I will probably be coming again to your blog for more soon.

  18. Fantastic list of traffic strategies. I am so glad I came across your post. I am going to take action on several of the strategies on this list!

  19. I’ll immediately clutch your rss as I can’t find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  20. Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! existing here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web page.

  21. Hi, I’m new to all of this so thanks for some really great tips to keep me busy!

  22. Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility
    issues. When I look at your blog in Chrome, it
    looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

  23. Big-boards.com has been down for some time. But if you’re interested in finding boards to post on then check out findaforum.net. We have some nice niche finding tools as well :)

  24. Hey Phill its a great post. Each and every point is valid. One more way of driving more visitors is by buying traffic.

  25. Thank you for these great tips. I look forward to putting them into action.

  26. This is veeeeeery helpful.
    Think im going to share this one.
    Thanks doll

  27. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if
    that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new


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