Top 20 Sites like Fiverr

Sites Like Fiverr

Spare time work has always been a means of financing a university education, that special something needed or just extra cash to spend. The explosion of the web for business, interest in a hobby and pleasure has expanded the wish to create. This has all initiated the need for everyday people to be able to employ expert ability at realistic cost. Hence the micro worker is born.

Whatever you need in whatever form you need it is available and often at less than $10. The most well known website providing these services from all over the world is Tasks are known as gigs and there is a gig  for everything which someone will do for you. Each gig costs $5. But recently many sites like Fiverr have grown from the idea, not always at a fixed price but basically the same. Here are 20 of such that I know. 

Top 20 Sites Like Fiverr

#1 Fourerr


Fourerr is the one site that everyone is turning to in 2013 for quality micro jobs which are 20% cheaper then Fiverr.

This is clearly the Fiverr like site that is highly recommended for various reasons, and ranks very high consistently. The owner knows exactly how to get traffic to the site and in addition Fourerr has a proven track record for two years running for having the best and most friendly customer support across all Fiverr Like sites.

A unique, very simple and effective website where you can buy and sell your online services for $4. This site can only be praised and I can recommend you joining Fourerr today.


#2 SEOClerks

There are range of prices charged for gigs. Sellers are either online, meaning you will get the work within 8 hours, or offline, meaning you will get the work in 48 hours. Pay the money and await the work.


#3 Fivess

It is good to see something different and well managed and Fivess UK is just that.

The team behind Fivess have custom coded and planned their website from the ground up, and it shows. Everything is extremely fast, simply works and easy to navigate.

Services are available from £5 to £100 and they have an excellent Dashboard for their members which includes everything you could ever need whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Affiliate or all three.

I strongly recommend you go check Fivess UK out, now…




ImGigz is a “Micro Job site that specializes in the “Internet Marketing” (IM) Niche.

IM’ers can BUY and/or SELL their services/products here for ANY PRICE.

Our goal is to be the best micro job site the internet has to offer. We strive to provide our website members, as well as our customers with a quick, friendly and professional  level of customer support.

Our site is perfect for freelancers of all talents. Whether you are a programmer, SEO wizard, back link expert, graphics designer, or a part-timer looking to make some extra cash online. All are welcome.




#5 Ffiver

Other than the payment being in pounds sterling the process for this site is again much like Fiverr. There are 48 hours to get corrections done.


#6 i-will-do

This site is not totally like Ffiver in that a task is identified and a campaign (job) opened. It can be a large job involving more than one person and payment. It can be worth any amount and if you are really not satisfied with the result and can give good reasons for this no payment is made. Worth a visit to see how it works.


#7 Gigswood

A variable cost for gigs but otherwise very like fiver. You have the option of discussing the work with the seller during production in order to get the finished product you require.


#8 Tenyt

The jobs on this site are called twigs. On ordering a twig you pay $10 upfront. Once the twig is accepted a discussion channel is opened for you to nstruct or redirect the seller during production. On receipt of a finished task you have 24 hours to get corrections made and leave feedback on standard etc.





#11 Zeerk

Select the desired service and lodge a payment. You have continuous contact to get it right. Once finished there are 72 hours to sort mistakes and the payment is not released until you are satisfied.


#12 Gigbucks

Select a standard AK gig or developo your own for sellers to quote. Chose what you want and follow the usual path to get the finished content. You will have 24 hours to get any mistakes corrected.


#13 Magicgig

A site with $10 per gig and the usual setup giving lots of opportunity to interact with the seller and 48 hours for corrections.


#14 MakeaFiver

Another British based site offering work for £5 sterling. This like Fiverr uses Paypal or credit card and gives 48 hours for adjustments to final copy etc.


#15 Fittytown

If that task you want done is a little more exacting, this might be just the site for you. At $50 per job nit is more expensive but the sellers have more complicated extertise. Find the one you want or ask for a seller to contact you and the rest follows.


#16 Nettradr

Totally variable price for the works you want. Set a task or select a seller. As with others that’s all there is to do.


#17 Myntmarket

A Spanish site which translates into English. No matter that it’s not in English, the workers from all the sites come from across the world. It works just like Fiverr and you have 48 hours for editing to final copy etc.


#18 JobsFor10

Similar to other sites just detail the work you want done and deposit $10. Interact with the seller and receive the work. You have 48 hours for corrections.




#19 Dollar3

This site offers jobs in multiples of $3 and gives 72 hours for editing sand correcting the finished job. Other than that it is very like Fiverr in operation.








A third site which trades in pounds sterling. The only other noticeable difference is no time limit is quoted for getting amendments completed. Lots of sites from which to choose, several variations in operation. Know any more sites like Fiverr?



Leave comments below. 




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  1. I didn’t realise there were quite so many. Thanks for finding them Phill

  2. wow- hard to believe there are so many sites with such a similar concept. Good to know! Thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to checking out your other posts!


    • Hi Larry

      Yeah really amazing.

      I let you into a little secret! There’s actually 82 but we put the best ones here.

      Crazy there so many your right

      Thanks for your comments


  3. Have a look at We will be featured in a uk national newspaper in the next two weeks.

    Kind Regards

  4. I found 5 more sites on this post thanks to you. I will add them to my list soon as well. Nice to have a lot of Fiverr alternatives.

  5. Bargain Gigs is a free site with direct payment to seller, no commission and gig can be any value. It is ad supported. Advanced features like seo for gigs makes it very attractive to sellers. visit: Please review this site.

  6. Don’t overlook this a content market place that is getting very good reviews.

  7. Jagrit Pratap Singh August 11, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    The websites you listed are Good, I would like to include another website – .. I have been using this website from 15 days. It’s quite good. Your blog is really awesome. Keep up the good work.

  8. is the new face of $10 Fiverr , Provides much improved quality service than the competition around by providing security to its buyers.It offers a Unique feature from others in its line by the way of full refund of the buyers money if not Happy with the service

  9. I think is the best site for making money.I have opened to another 3 site but still no response.

    • Hi Russell

      Yeah is still king!

      I think first to market is always the biggest but who knows the others might give them a run for the money!



      • Fiverr is the WORST of them. They just like to screw people out of their money. I earned well on fiverr, and put in ALOT of effort but Fiverr owes me money and since has deleted my account for bogus reasons. I Now support customer service is great, kind and friendly and give me money just for being a loyal customer sometimes. LOVE IT

  10. Hi Phill,

    Can you add this website to your list too ?


  11. Such a nice list of super cool sites. Thanks for share.

  12. nice looking sites good luck

  13. New kid on the block is, take a look and please add to your list if you will, thanks Phil.

  14. Hi – nice list of fiverr like sites – may i suggest another – its popular in Canada (well i noticed they just revamped the site – so its re-populating jobs) but i have used it a few times – WebGigs –

    Canada Rocks! :)

  15. I like the micro jobs site There you can buy and sell gigs from $5 to $500!

  16. Hey , there is a new clone. ITs Right now they are not charging any fees to list or sell your gigs. (not sure for how long ) but its gaining fast. I like the name, its like “get er’ done”, but instead “GIGerDone”

  17. HEY, I just love… I find their admin waaaaaay more understanding then the stoopid fiverrr admin that will just close your account no questions asked.

    ex fiverrrite NOW ON FIVEALOT…

  18. Hi Phill, Thanks for the list and info. Have you seen Seems pretty good

  19. I use about 6 micro sites and i would have to say i like the best. I have been using them for six months they always pay on-time and customer service is great.

  20. Another great site is It is new but it is growing really fast. I made more money on this than fiverr. You can post your gig to more then one site and for the same job you get double money!

    • Thanks Alex for a new one!

      So great to get more.



    • The owner of this site is a spammer, he went to my site and was sending spam messages to all my members. That just show that he is a disgrace to micro jobs community. His site is stay away from people of this nature, as they are only focused on destroying the hard work of other people. I will let everyone know about you.

      • Hi, Just spam them back, if I would have been in your place, I would have spammed them back. Being a seller I know, so many sites come and spam like this. I never join their site.

  21. wow nice list, I will add it to Mine.
    Here is two more to add to the list
    Not Just a Five $5 – $50
    I Will Do It For $5 – $100

  22. Please add to your list. It is just like all of the rest, but no limits!! Don’t cap yourself off at $5 or $100 we let you go up to $999 and going up! Make what your really worth at

    You pick the gig, you pick your price!

  23. I used Fiverr for about a year. Made a lot of money selling gigs but noticed they began to have a lot of competition and I received slower sales because of that. Sort of how adwords competition blew us all out of game.

    I decided to bring out Five Does IT, a micro jobs site that many Sellers will make money a little faster than with Fiverr since we are new with much less competition.

    hint: I’m looking to see lot’s of growth shortly which means lots of sale for our sellers.

    You are welcome to stop by and take a look.

    Karl Jackson

    • Hi Karl

      Great story and thanks for your insight!

      and thanks for adding a new one here!

      Be great to hear how you get on



  24. Great post, I came across, its like search engine for gigs, you can find multiple fiverr like sites and gigs at different prices at one place, try it

  25. Fiverrs is the place for people to share things they are willing to do for $5. Fiverr is a social marketplace website that facilitates buying and selling of services.

  26. Check out http://WWW.FiveAlot.COM AND PWNBOSS.COM MY FAVSS!!

  27. Hi Phil, thanks so much for the mention of NetTradR as a like fiverr site… Earning online since 1997 we see this as a terrific business model… The mention is appreciated!

  28. i also found other site with various price

  29. Please include in your list. We offer 2D and 3D gigs starting at $5. Thank You!!

  30. Hi everyone, would appreciate it you check :=)

  31. Great share, i think you could include another popular site also.They have great success on internet marketing & seo gigs.

  32. hey phil, iam a potential buyer for some gigs in these sites, is there any site that have any other credit card payment method other than paypal?

  33. I found this GREAT Fiverr like site for the Business sector where I can list my services for much more money like $250-$2500. It is on

    It is a great option for professional providers of services to get paid more.

  34. I found another little gigs site, that is

    • Thanks for the info


    • GoodHalf.Org is a social marketplace where gigs/microjobs/stuff can be sold priced from $2 all the way to $1000 (but not including $5). We already have a few users posting on our site…but for a more premium price.

      The marketplace takes half for nonprofits, but a gig on may be sold for higher amounts on GoodHalf.Org .

      Imagine, something you normally list for $5 on (earning you $4) you can list for $28 on GoodHalf.Org (earning you $14).

      So far our local market research (US-based) tells us that people are much more likely to pay higher prices if some/all of the funds go to nonprofits. Hence, the marketplace.

      Please email with any questions…and have a great time earning MUCH higher premiums on GoodHalf.Org! Heck, it’s even cool if you advertise your listings there!

  35. Hello Phill,

    we have just launched our website

    we accept paypal and alertpay as methods of payment
    please check it out and let us know what you think?

    Thanks alot


  36. Yup great article and the list is long. But there are even better ones out there. Like where you can list your own price for up to 100$, commission is low and payouts are quick.

  37. Hi,

    We just opened last night. It is already filling up! We offer Paypal and AlertPay. We also offer gigs from $1 -$20 dollars and then five dollar increments to $50! Come have a look and post a gig!



  38. Thanks for this!
    Just to add my two cents worth, I have had the most jobs brought from but pay better and are really friendly and I have had a few jobs from them as well they do gigs for $10 (I don’t work for either of these sites this is just my experience!)

  39. there is another site just starting out called fiver jobsite which is like fiverr but you also have an affiliate scheme where you can earn commission and have also got rewards scheme its worth a look!

  40. Great review!

    When our team was helping to develop Fiverr concept, we were targeting college/university. Who would have known it would spread out so far?


    Lord Ron Davies CD, MBA
    Canada’s Favorite Rogue Marketer

  41. $5-$999 100% Commissions, Upfront Payment, MicroJobs and BigJobs, Over 30 Categories

    People Willing To Advertise (Will2Ad) for Businesses in Unique and Creative ways to
    earn additional cash.

    People for Business Advertising!

    • Hi Luis

      Thanks for this one!

      Great to see the higher prices



      • Hi Phil,

        Much appreciated. Yes, earning $5 is great for jobs taking only up to 15 minutes, but there are a lot of gigs that are actually taking more time to complete. So, making only $5 on them isn’t cost efficient. Our new website targets specifically Businesses needing affordable Marketing and Advertising. Therefore Individuals and Professionals can charge higher fees for BigJobs that take more time to complete.


  42. should be number one, they get great traffic, I sell lots of gigs…
    It’s very safe there, customer service is fast, what more do you want? They also pay you fast, not like gig bucks or fiverr

    They changed there website and it looks very good…

  43. Your comment is awaiting approval should be number one, they get great traffic, I sell lots of gigs…
    It’s very safe there, customer service is fast, what more do you want? They also pay you fast, not like gig bucks or fiverr
    They changed there website and it looks very good…

  44. These sites are great! easy to create and lots of fun. I just made mine at check it out and get in while competition is low. Many gig purchasers are tired of waiting lists on the big boy site!

    • Hi Glenn

      Thanks for this one!!!

      Great info

      Any tips for my readers on how to sell there gigs?



      • Luke and phill, thanks for constructive input. Just started site and doing it as side project. Fairly new to this arena and am still learning about how to drive traffic and get people to place gigs. I don’t expect to get rich doing this. Luke you state “hmm waste of time” I am not trying to replace Fiverr. Was that meant to discourage me?

    • hmm Ranked in at 25,966369
      want be wasting my time on this website.
      And it’s sad only 2 gigs on the website? hmm Waste of time

  45. Hello, is a new marketplace launching within the next 2-weeks offering a range of quality services. A fiverr alternative with no silly services. Freelancers and Businesses can list their services for FREE.

    No monthly fees and an excellent special offer of 8% low commission rate from each sale for the first 2-months of the site launching – this is much lower than over 95% of similar sites (fiverr charges 20%). After this the rate will still be lower than most competitors. A high selling threshold of up to £1,000 – much more than most competitors. Excellent customer service team where we are dedicated to being better than any of our competitors. Excellent customer focus where any new features will be consulted and fed-back to members, where possible – no other competitor currently does this.

    Similar layout to Fiverr so that it’s easier to navigate for familiar users of other gig sites. If we re-vamp the site in the future we will consult with members to meet customer focus needs. Many features that fiverr has will be found on

    If you want to pre-register your quality services before the site launches please go to and you will find our contact email. Send us an email with your stated interest. Any queries or questions please feel free to email us.

    We have a nice informal video for more information which can be found on our facebook page:

    Thank you.

    BlueGig Team

  46. Tenbux has to be close to being better then fiverr

    There are only really two websites, and the rest are either scams or rip offs of theses two.
    Why waste your time when tenbux is one of the best.

    • Thanks Craig

      What does everyone else think?



    • Craig –

      Lots of negativity about Fiverr and tenbux being a scam also. Just do a google search. Your comment has no substance to it and no evidence.

      Do some research before making these types of comments.

      • Thanks John

        I really don’t think fiverr is a scam I think thats a little strong.

        I do say there are some inexperienced sellers who bung a load of stuff up there and then dont look after it when the orders come in or promise something they can’t do.

        But I have always got a refund which is the main thing.

        Maybe you should have another go John



    • I think you will find so are tenbux and fiverr a waste of time and money – do a google search and check out the complaints and a law suit against fiverr where someone has proceeded to take legal actionf or them not giving his money back.

      • I don’t think it’s true. I’ve been with for well over 2 years now and they always pay me. I’m not sure about Fiverr. But TenBux always pay’s me.
        I will stick with TenBux.

        • Google it then. Plenty of evidence online Craig.

        • I have had no problems with
          Google it, I found one report on tenbux and 1000’s on fiverr

          But the report on Tenbux I see was under the old owner.

          Who cares, I will be staying with Tenbux

    • fiverjobsite is good too very similar to fiverr but as an affialiate program. its just started but lokking good.

      • Too many copies, they are all copies of tenbux and fiverr

        • And tenbux is a copy of fiverr. So what. Competition is good. Amazon is a copy of ebay and ebay is a copy of another site, and McDonalds is a copy of a other burger place. Some of the best businesses are not original. Get my point! Stop being negative Rod and pro tenbux and fiverr because they are NOT original.

        • If you are serious about making money and fiverr is the place to go.
          No where else.

        • I think the same is true of most sites, ebay has loads of competition and still rules the web.

          The first is usually the biggest and so fiverr is still winning.

          I have seen a lot of these sites shut down but more are opening up in its place.

          I do think its really good for everyone.

          What do you think Rod?



        • I agree Phill Fiverr is massive

          The alexa rank for Fiverr is very good tenbux has gone down I seen.
          Before they upgraded there website they were 15,000 but they have gone up.

          I think in time it will come back down though.

      • Hi Phill, Interesting to see all the different comments coming from your blog , Yes at fiverjobsite we have 3 customer support representatives. As we are currently operating as a LTD company we have to pay corporation tax at 20%
        We have simply taken fiverr to the next level and plan to develop the site further with the introduction of an app. and many more features. But first we need to get the website fullyup and running. Prior to launching in April 6th 2012, we had taken around 4 months to get the website prepped and ready for launch, using little to no advertising whatsoever. Now within just one month we have a Google PageRank of 1 and an alexa rank of just over 1.5 million, dropping daily. We plan to increase our PageRank to around 3-4 at the next Google PageRank check with an Alexa rank of less than 500,000 in the next 3 months or less. This will enable us to stand good ground in the marketplace for small jobs. Right now we have some fantastic deals on the website along with a great reward system never seen before. Also i mentioned that we are planning to introduce more features. This will probably start within three to six months. We have great experience in website development and marketing. We have a great website developer working with us along with an extremely polite and understanding customer support team. We may in the future look for investment to help fund our developments even further. But for now we are happy to just sit back and watch the website evolve into something special, you could say we don’t plan to just run a marketplace for small jobs. As there are already plans in place to make changes to the way payments are made, so things are looking good.
        Thank you for your time and please pay us a visit. You will be pleasantly surprised if not now you will soon be.

        • I read the first 4 lines and didn’t bother reading the rest. Why would you waste money on having 3 customer service reps? When you could put that into something else?

        • That bored me mindless. Checked it out and not a bad site but not convinced by your claims of trademarks. Doubt very much you got them trademarked in such a short space of time.

        • @Rod, In answer to your questions, Yes we have 3 reps, but not allwork at the same time. as they have other jobs. As the site grows they will become more dedicated to the website. But right now are happy tobe just a shareholder.

          @Glen, You have not registered as trademarks. If we were registered,we would display the ® and not the TM symbol.

          Fiverr has also not fully registered their TradeMarks on their website, otherwise fiverr would display all their trademarks as ®

          Hope this helps..

  47. You have to be very careful with most of these sites. Not complying with e-commerce laws and run by one person with attracious customer services. I did an experiement and contacted 9 of the sites listed here. Only Bluegig answered my query, even though they havent launched the site yet, competently and were more friendlier than the others. They were the quickest to respond. Bluegig seems to be the ones going a step further with e-commerce compliance. Be very wary of these other sites. Lots of negativity about fiverr scams also (do a google search).

    Hallf of these sites arent even registered to trade. Therefore breaking the law. Do some research and you will soon find out who it is.

    • Agree with you here. Alot of scams going on with Fiverr here.
      Alot of theses websites have poor customer service.
      I sell on Fiverr & because of the traffic they get and I sell alot of gigs
      I might sign up to blugig and see if the customer service does live up to what you say.
      But I think there would only be 2 people at the most on that website, I can’t see them having a big customer service team like Fiverr & Tenbux and blugig looks only new.

      • Hi Rob,

        I find it strange that bluegig replied far quicker than any of the others. One of them never replied. I do a lot of research before using sites like these. If bluegig managed to answer my query well within 24hrs and your saying they don’t have a team then why is it when I research them they appear to have a team? Im sceptical about sites like these but bluegig are registered to trade and seem very professional – doesn’t seem like one person to me.

        Can’t a business before it launches have a team behind them? I think you will find some businesses start of with a few people so that they can make a good go of being successful with the resources behind them. Ive read nothing but positivity about bluegig. Anyway I’m sure other sites are worthy of having positive comments about them.

        • Okay well put it this way. So how many you think bluegig have on there team?
          5? 10? 15? How many??

          Now let’s work out there wages. So each customer service person would be on what?? Say $20 an hour?? I’m not sure about other countries.
          But say $20 an hour. Now they all work 8 hours a day??
          So they have 5 in the team it would be $800 and if they have 15 in the team it would be $2400.
          Now that’s $16,800 for a team of 15. Or $5600 a week for a team of 5.
          Now by the looks of things the website hasn’t even launched yet, So they are losing $5600 a week? Sounds wrong to me. And if they are it’s very silly, they could be putting that money into advertising. Or on the other hand they could have some indian working for them at like $2 an hour, lol… Plus it’s alot of gigs they have to sell to pay there workers. If they are doing this blugig won’t last long at all, they will simply run out of money and all that time will be wasted for the users.
          But at the end of the day Fiverr has a team of 30 or something.
          Tenbux might not have a large team but they take customer service personally, fiverr has gone backwards a little. It was good in the old days, when you would get a reply from the owner.
          I will stick with fiverr and tenbux

    • lauren fiverjobsite is a good one too its a new site very similar to fiverr. customer service is good too. really worth a look.

      • Hi Sue,

        Thanks for this. Will take a look at some-point, but I’m swaying more towards Bluegig at this point and will give them a chance.

      • Thanks for this Sue

        Always good to hear feedback



    • Lauren

      I also think its who you like.

      Fiverr is the biggest and the highest competition for sales so swings and roundabouts.

      But if your a seller its really a gold mine to have lots of different sites to sell one.

      I think the registered to trade is dependant in each country, here in the UK there are no laws you just set it up and take the money.

      But I do beleive some sites need to be better than they are, but loads of them are really good.

      What do you think?



      • Agree here, You don’t need a license to sell online.
        I have never heard about that you have to have a license, there are no such laws.
        As long as they are following the laws there is no need.

        • Luke,

          You need to pay NI contribution and if you are selling services then you must pay taxes as you are indefinitely working as a sole trader.

          Call the HMRC if you don’t believe me and the NI line.

        • I have just done a search on and fiverr.c they are also registered.

      • There is a law to register as a sole trader or limited company and pay taxes. This is LEGAL.

        To sell something you need to pay tax on it and register if you are a business or sole trader.

        Plenty of information on here:

        Just gave them a call earlier Phil and I can confirm you need to pay taxes and register within 2-months if you are trading.

        • Hi Lauren

          I thought you meant like France where you have to have a licence to trade as a company even to get a website.

          Yes in the UK but most of the sites aren’t in the UK.

          But great for you to search for this for everybody as we have a lot of people with their own sites so thanks for that.



  48. 1st and 2nd ranked websites are not even opening… how are they ranked 1st and 2nd?

    • Hi Ricky

      There not ranked Ricky and it was a long time ago this post so its very much changed since.

      Im thinking of doing a new post soon about it.

      And thanks for letting me know!



      • If you do be careful of ranking any by how good their Alexa rankings are as they can be manipulated, whereas google’s can’t. And also include in your review how good they operate, designs, customer service, value for money, how good the services available are etc. This gives readers a much better overview than other reviews about fiverr alternatives. Would love to read another review of yours. No one has done an in-deph review yet and it was something I was considering doing after my research.

      • ohh ya i didnt noticed that its an old post,, ya rytt u should make a post, but i suggest that this time you should keep websites according to their original rankings.. this will help a lot…


        Can you suggest me some websites ( in English language) where the gigs are in Euros,, i have tried registering in websites like “”, but its of spanish language,, i can hardly understand whats written,, even if i translate it… still m not too sure that i’ll orders there…

        • Dealerr but I did not like their customer service. Some dodgy sellers on their so be careful. Poorly moderated at the moment but good luck. Why does it have to be in Euro? what’s wrong with £ Stirling or $ dollars ? You’ll get close to what your needing using UK sites as the Euro is not far away from the £ stirling.

  49. I recall visiting a page where everything costs 10 and another with 20 bucks. Like Any experience with those?

    • Hi Andreas,

      I’ve tried around 16 different gig sites. I had bad experiences with all off them. I was appalled by the customer service they each had. There are a couple of what you are looking. Look at the list of promoted gig on this thread. It’s really up to you wish one you want to use. Some gig site give you the option narrowing the price range down. Why don’t you look at the reviews for each one and try them out.

  50. is the best!! They always bring out new features… Since the new owners brought them out, they are better then everyone else!!!

    • New owners? Please explain. Thanx. Not sure about them being the best as I like to fully evaluate everything within a business and they don’t exceed in every aspect but do in some. I have to say they are better than fiverr, but the best is subjective.

      • They sent an email about 2 months ago saying they brought the website, I spoke to the owner of the website, nice guy. True, I’m the same as you. Thought I’d only use Fiverr, I tried other sites, nothing compares to

  51. Great job Phill, very helpful!

  52. Hi Phill,

    Please check out , it’s a lot clearer and easier to use then the rest.



    • thanks for this Mike!



    • Mike you claiming you have used every single clone site? There are over 100 now so I doubt that. That’s therefore subjective not objective and also not backed up either.

      It does not look any easier, you don’t even have a how it works section. Terms of service have been taken from business link website which is blatantly obvious. This to me shows you haven’t even had a solicitor check over your terms of service as I have notice some non compliance with English law. Your terms of use do NOT comply with e-commerce laws. I worked as a solicitor for over 7 years (I don’t now and haven’t for the past 2 years but e-commerce hasn’t changed much since then). it’s ridiculous that some of these sites break current e-commerce and distant selling laws. Get it checked over before someone reports you (to trading standards) for non compliance with English law.

      Plus a 20% is high and there are much cheaper options that yours.

  53. I have recently design an easy interfaced website for designers. You can earn good money through this feverr like website The difference here is, you can earn more than just $5 per gig and also we cut 15% as compared to other website’s 20% taxation. So, sign up now and share your gigs to get cients.

  54. Here goes one more,

  55. This website, I have to agree with everything else it is very good. The website is new, they always have great features being added.
    Fiverr is good for me also, I make money on both of theses sites so I’m happy with that.

  56. You could add GigBomb to the list. It’s a great site that allows you to find jobs or post jobs from $5 to $50

    • Thanks for this Mike

      Any tips for people trying to find something to sell?



    • Don’t like this GigBomb, they are spamming other microjob websites and don’t trust them.
      How I know? I’m a member on around 15 MircoJob websites and they have sent me an email to almost of them them asking me to sign up at there website.
      How about you try and promote your website the right way instead of spamming!!

      • I agree with the above user, this site has spammed me on like 4 accounts. It’s not good. Don’t trust them. By the way I use Fiverr and they are the two best for me.

  57. Hi Phil,

    I think you should update this post. Seems most of these sites have shut down.
    But there are many more new ones like ours! Just for SEO.

    Thanks again.


    • Thanks Dan

      We will look at updating the post in the future.

      How will it affect our SEO if we do?



      • Hi Phill!,

        Well our site: ,is a webmasters marketplace. Website owners can come and rank their website for less! Call it the best of all mini job sites, but just for SEO.
        Personally, I use these sites all the time for hiring people to build backlinks, write articles, etc.. well.. now webmasters have a mini jobs site just for them. Our sellers are paid more then most sites and we also have a refer a friend program for chances to win free money!

        Thanks again!
        All the best,

  58. Also check out it supports moneybookers.

  59. Hey guys
    Anyone know of a site like fiverr which allows you to offer hypnotherapy services at $5.00 etc. I was thinking of offering a free 1 hour destress session, but fiverr wont allow you to do it for some reason. Any ideas??? Thank you

  60. I use both Tenbux and Fiverr. They are great, and always have great updates for us…

  61. Have to say that site looks cool and much more prof looking than others. Will be giving it a try. Pleased they use Payza instead of PayPal. Never knew Payza offer 3 different account choices.

    I’ve never been keen on Fiverr and had to go through a tribunal service to get my money back from them when I asked for my account to be closed. Gigbux I had a back experience with from a seller and no one bothered to help me out at their end so for me appalling service.

    Your list needs updating Phil.

    • thanks Rachael

      Great feedback



      • It’s great to see that buyers and sellers from microjob websites are looking to improve themselves, maybe they have had a bad experience or just looking for a new way to earn money and need something new to kick start a new career in the micro job industry.

        Rachael, well done and I hope you have every success in your chosen micro job site.

        We are happy to accept new members and will do our best in marketing your product or service to a very high level and expertise.

        Thanks Phil again for a great blog. I can’t thank you enough for allowing what most blogs and forums would turn their noses up at, and that’s posting what I can only describe as links to our websites that we are passionate about to help others succeed in the micro job marketplace.


        Director –

  62. Hi,

    I’ve just launched A new small gigs site where users receive $4.25 for each gig.

    I hope you enjoy checking the site out. Thanks for the great list of fiverr sites!


  63. Has anyone used
    I think its still new in beta changes.
    Lori x

    • Hi

      We have just launched in the UK why not come and check us out and see what you think to our site..

      Thank You

      • This site has fully copied this website should not be supported as it’s just copied the website in full.

        • Yeah, I agree with Ethan. it is a shame…

        • Hi Ethan

          Any issues gigpayrr had with us at has now been resolved, we have spoken to there team of people and they are happy with what i had to say to them.

          We hope people on here will still come and support us as many have already and continue to build the marketplace for all of us to make money online. By the way all our prices are in GBP and you can create jobs from £5 – £100 at the moment, we intend to raise this again in the near future so there is more income being made for you guys, so we dont mind if you want to check us out at and let us know your feedback please.


        • I agree, the website looks poor. I’m looking at alexa rank and it’s very poor, They need to spend $1000’s for promotion to build the website. They need to spend more money in the design of the website also. I wouldn’t support this website.

        • I still can’t support they have no traffic or users on the website. There is nothing for me to buy there, Instead of wasting money on the design which you copied anyways why don’t you just put it in promotion!! This site will fail, it’s a scam…

        • No, David Sorry, We wont come and support this kind of sites. We need some better investors with betterr promoting site where we can see real good traffic which will fetch us some money. You copied and I dont know what gigpayrr had resolved with you, good for them. Nowadays, you get content for $3, did not have to copy… I support Ethan on this…

        • Im sorry you feel that way, but this is a new site so the promotion of it is on going at the moment and we are not a scam site as you put it either, i can provide you contact details for us and also that we have a valid license to run the site, so scam i think not!!

          As for the design on the site its not the same as said site at all and they are happy with what i had to say, i dont know you or either do you know me so there is NO need to slag us off at all, if you have an issue with me then contact us via our support section but please dont go around saying we are a scam when where not. I run other business online which are a success so i know the road to go down with fiverbid, any new business online will take time to gather pace even if you do invest heavy into it as you cannot force people to sign up and at the same time you cannot force people not to sign up at our site, i dont have an issue with you or anybody else online and i intend to keep it that way ok..


        • David, if this is your attitude towards your members, I think I made a good decision.

        • I agree with Sammy. This person doesn’t even seem professional, his website has so many spelling mistakes and errors. When will I get my payout??

  64. Hi there,
    We have just launched a similar site to earn $6 to $100.
    We really would like to get some decent advertisers on there.
    Could be more earning power for you.

    Thank you
    Adam Jack

  65. Indeed great value.
    Thank You Mr. Phill

  66. Hi, Phil, Anyway, I dont know why GigPayrr guys have not annouced it here, let me announce on behalf of them, earlier I thought this is again one more Fiverr Alternative, but after seeing their daily increase in Alexa, I am sticking to them. I get my tickets anwered in 2 to 3 hours and the support is quite good though, but i have not made any thing as of now, but am sure, the way they are promoting it, I think I should get it more than expected, lets see and cross my fingers

  67. Hi there. I have a site that has been going for about six months and it is steadily growing.

    Hope you don’t mind giving it a mention here.

    Originally based on gigs at $12, however, the pricing now covers a full range.

    thank you

  68. There is another new one at, prices are in GBP. Take a look, it might be worth adding to your list.

  69. Hi there,
    Hope you are keeping well.
    It’s said with investments, it’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket.
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    You also get your money really fast. Your work is marked as complete in 2 days time and your earnings available for withdrawal in 4 days time.
    Please remember, our support team is there for you beyond 25 hours a day, 8 days a week just to keep you smiling and enjoying being on while enriching yourself, so drop us a line if need be!
    Thank you.

    • You are the guys who go on other alternative sites and contact sellers through private messages. The site who cant invest on promotion and finding such ways to promote is literally pathetic. Get matured and stop spamming like this, how can we trust you guys if you are not truthful to your own business. I am sorry, am not joinging your site…A Big Sorry to

      • I’m a member of and and I got alot of spam from this website called It was telling me to go to there website and sign up and post my gigs there. Just stop spamming theses sites as your creating a bad name for your self. I’m going to tell everyone about this, it’s not good.

      • I agree with Sammy on this one. The website just spams everywhere and thinks they can build a instant business over night. It’s not good.

  70. What is your favourite fiverr like site?

    Answers below please…

    • Phil, for me it is as they have neat and elegant design, good features like email alert system, seo freindly urls, meta-tags, fast web page loading and yet the site is trying to make it more informative to the new users. They only lack in traffic, else this site looks promising to me… Give your feedback on this please…

  71. I had a look through most of these comments and some suggestions on those fiverr likes are poor. Aweful looking sites and not porofessional at all. looks quite nice as does a few others like gigbux but I do prefer the look of I heard that bluegig are intorducing two payment methods to compete as I know from reading reviews some people want the use of paypal and I read somewhere they are introducing this, Great news for most people. I’ts nice to have choice but some this choice is very poor. I’d stick to the recomended ones or ones that look professional.

    What I don’t get is how most of these sites get away without displaying their business registration number? It’s a legal requirement in the UK not sure about the US.


  72. Hi

    We are looking for creative people to add jobs on our site. Any feedback welcome. The sellers are the most important and i believe competition is healthy so its good if sellers have jobs listed on multiple sites.

    These sites help people to add an income which can only be good all round for everyone.

    Regards, Paul

  73. Just to let you know that is back

  74. Hi there,
    We have just launched a similar site to earn $5 to $20.
    We really would like to get some decent advertisers on there.
    Could be more earning power for you.

    Thank you

  75. Thanks for the headsup Phill. Just a few notes.

    It would have been nice if you added i) Alexa ranking (although it would be time sensitive) and ii) Page rank (also time sensitive) for each.

    One more question: am I the only person who cannot find #7 in your list?

  76. Hello Phill, HUBWIT.COM is new but different from others. It ‘s still a beta but already works, it is also possible to sell services with an integrated video chat!

    Here the link of our new Video Tutorial! Check it out.


  77. Hi Phill, is new but different from others. It ‘s still a beta but already works, it is also possible to sell services with an integrated video chat!
    Here the link of our new Video Tutorial! Check it out.

  78. Hi Phill,
    Can you add this website to your list also?

  79. is the better one i found and used. Its the quality services I am drawn to knowing what im going to get so happy with it :) Nice payment options with paypal coming soon, cool.

  80. Hi Phil,

    You can also add us up on your list as we are offering the same service as Fiverr.


  81. Please add our site to your list, we believe its worth a look.

    Thank you Team

  82. Wow – can’t believe Tenrr is nowhere to be found on this list or in the comments! The site’s been around for over a year and a half and has been growing constantly. The big thing that sets Tenrr apart from the rest is that it’s completely free! So, you can post jobs from $1 to $10 and you won’t lose any of your hard-earned money to Tenrr. There are other interesting differences on Tenrr, but will let you all discover those on your own.

    Tenrr has actually just commenced the first in a series of weekly contests! 1 random member that posts a new job on Tenrr this week will win $100. Again, there will be different promotions every week for a while, so sign up now at to increase your chances of winning! Oh, and the contests will be listed at the Tenrr Blog – – have a great day everyone!

  83. Hey Phil, thanks for the list, I really find it helpful and so as the comments posted :)
    I love the sites but I hate the SEO guys

  84. Glad I found your site. I was only aware of Fiverr and didn’t know there were so many like this. Such sites are perfect for the routine projects

  85. Hey Phill.
    Your site is amazing. I am searching fiverr alike sites and I found these all on your website.
    I joined them all.

  86. another one is which you can add in your list. Its a good and reliable website. Support is very good.

  87. Hello, I just launched a new website similar to Fiverr but different in the way that the amount to earn is $8 and the gigs are mostly fine art related with a few web designer categories.

    Please visit at and let me know your thoughts. Just launched today!

  88. Hi there,

    We have just launched a similar site to earn $5 to $100. Our site supports video and products that need shipping plus more. Please give it a look and comment on it, we would love some feedback.

    Thank you
    Fiverrup Team

    • FiverrUp is a great site and does have some great features! definitely worth signing up for! Dont forget sellers it’s FREE, you need to promote your jobs as much as possible.

      Good luck with promoting your gigs.

  89. There are many like but I have not heard yet anyone them. Neither I think any of them have ever competed with fiverr.

    • HI Kunal,
      You are right, its very hard to compete with someone already established, however if your a seller then you do everything you can to promote your jobs SO it’s a good thing that all these other sites exist and they do DO the same job.

      Just my opinion as a seller!

  90. There some great sites like fiverr, a lot of clone sites and some doing really well! Our new website allows sellers to promote all their jobs on one platform, an aggregation of all the gig related websites! Our new platform is a win win for both gig related sites and sellers giving them both a boost in sales and traffic…Launching on the 15th November, sign up now for a special pre-launch treat.

    As well as looking for sellers to promote we are also looking to work with some gig related sites so if you own one and would like to work together to promote some of the awsome gigs you have then please do get in touch!

    Good luck with your gigs everyone!

    • Madgigz is a pretty awesome site, it was about time someone launched a site that can help us sellers promote our jobs, i spend way to much time making pages, blogs socialing etc etc…good job madgigz!

  91. I am just wondering if anyone knows any good ways to make money with Fiverr and also are there any good alternative Fiverr websites to use?

  92. Hmm just want to adding gig easy ( ) in the list, it is $5 or less

  93. Hi Phil,

    Can you add It allows the sellers to set their own prices for their services, starting from €1.


  94. well this is a good list but i must also use this opportunity to announce one that has multiple payment gateways that also enable African to stay in charge of there funds unlike paypal alone. this one is call 50r

    it offers multiple charges and also multiple payment gateway. remember paypal is not supported in most African countries that’s why having more than paypal alone 50r thinks Africans where paypal is not supported will also enjoy this quick mini jobs site 50r.

  95. Buy traffic for your website, get face book fan page or Twitter your story or sold you student project or final year projects only on is a Fiverr alternate

  96. My New seo gig site Sell all seo experience & socila media services.

  97. Hi there,
    just visited that new website and it really looks cool =)

    Wishing all you guys the best,


  98. Many people sale their interesting service in Fiverr, but at the end they get very little amount of sales. This is because Fiverr is a big ocean with many suppliers & service. So, it is hard to get client without good reputation.

  99. Waooh! This is cool….i don’t know that they are so many good site like fiverr. Thanks for the infor

  100. We are a brand new sites with members sighning up every day, We will not charge our sellers a penny if you earn £5 you get £5 no catch we just want your gigs.

    The site is only small but we are pumping thousands into advertising and seo so should grow quickly.

    come along and start making some money also we are also paying £1 for each referral if your friends sighns up send us a message with there user name and we will give you £1 that’s fair.

    thank you

  101. Here is another good site that allows you to post jobs for more than a fiver.

  102. Hi every one , here is another style of micro jobs site: it gives 10$ for your first 10 posts
    i will provide MailNewsBlaster Software to send Unlimited email campaigns :

  103. Join my great fiverr like website here.

  104. Fiverrs ( ) is offering the services of freelancers to businesses for a fiver. See what can you get in a Fiver? Funny and Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Technology, Business, Programming and more !

  105. Will you add ? Its a new site like fiverr!

  106. Wow so many micro job sites out there. Looks like Ill have some fun adding these to my already growing list. Thanks for the share Phil. Its always a pleasure.

  107. is also very good, it’s great quality, I have only earned a few bucks from there but I believe it will grow.. because many things can’t be done for five.

  108. Is The Largest Marketplace Website, Where Everybody Sell & Buy Service from $1.99 to $9.99,

  109. i, look for site that accept payza

  110. Hello
    I see that some of the links for the microjob sites are not working How can i get my site in their place? My site is We are new and adding new features for buyers and sellers alike to make money in different ways I will continue to add more things to site to better it. Can you help me in letting me know what i need to get on this list.
    Thank you

  111. My brother recommended I might like this website. He used to be entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not consider just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  112. Joshua B. Racine April 15, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    Is there a gig site for artist such as for sketchers or people that draw.

  113. I prefer, its better than every other micro job site on the web !

  114. It’s actually a excellent as well as useful part of information. We’re pleased which you simply discussed this helpful facts about. Be sure to keep us updated in this way. Thanks for sharing.

  115. there have been issues with fiverr account getting disabled.check this video out in youtube-

    This person also got account disabled but managed to get it enabled

    • Ha ha Brilliant!!!!

      Check this video out if you got your account banned!

      Hey Rahul would you like to do a guest post on this for everybody?

      I pay $5 a post



  116. Has anyone looked at Microjob sites ?

  117. Hello, Neat post. There’s a problem with your web site in internet explorer, may check this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace chief and a big component of people will pass over your fantastic writing because of this problem.

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  119. help full list.. now am going to signup everysites

  120. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyway, just wanted to say excellent blog! Thanks!

  121. Thanks for great earning list.

  122. SiteMop is just like Fiverr except it’s a marketplace just for repairing/building websites, creating content, and marketing…. It’s all about the small business owner. I have an aggressive marketing strategy in place but wanted to leak the link to as many sites as possible first. Thank you Phill for creating the list.

  123. Our site is still new. Please sign up and we will help you get sales. We have all the time to do that. We encourage article writers, logo designers, social media marketers to sign up like yesterday. Get your niche and rule it.
    Prices start from $3 to $100. All gigs $50 and above are charged a lesser commission of just 15%.
    Any feedback is welcomed.
    See you there..!!

  124. Fiverr no longer allows Amazon product reviews. I’ve left Fiverr and gone to Check me out on!

  125. is a great website to place your gig for any amount of money, and while listings are free of course, they do charge a small 5% commission if product or service is sold… one of the lowest in the industry!

  126. Looking for fiver alternatives?

    There are many out there just some of them are worth using, most of them are a waste of time.
    I am using only a few but my favourite fiverr alternative is a fiverr like but gives you to offer gigs with price starting from $2 to $10 for each gig without any kinds of fees & commissions.
    That’s a place that gives you a real chance to make money from Giging market.

  127. This site is has great resources to solve our problems.

  128. We love these micro job-sites where people post things they will do from as little as $5 and there are plenty to choose from especially with the success of the Fiverr® website, these site’s shot up all over the place. You can get anything from someone singing “Happy Birthday” to celeb look-a-likes promoting your business to a video commercial, radio adverts, social marketing, SEO experts offering advice and support, website designs, family caricatures and lot’s lot’s more crazy stuff and all for as little as $5…..IT’S JUST CRAZY!
    The only problem is there are so many to choose from and it’s enough to give you an head ache, BUT that’s where come’s in. We take all the best “Giggers” from all the best micro-jobs sites including, and MORE that are willing to do stuff for $5 or more and showcase them right here on and we only pick the best of the best for you to choose from. All the GigZlerr posted are beamed live to our home page every time a new gig is added which keeps our home page fresh for every time you visit.

  129. I used to like fiverr but it is general, I think the new trend in micro job sites are the specialty of the site. My top sites are: = focus on search engine optimization, they have extras. = focus on digital products and downloads. = focus on advertising in general.
    and for some reason I like
    I use, and heavily in both buying and selling. The easiest to manage is just post your gig and earn your revenue or purchase and download your gig instantly, no waiting! that’s the best thing about it. I will update you with new sites.

  130. Hi Phil,
    Nice list of micro-job sites we love them they help us get more things done.Our favorite one is Have a great day on purpose!

  131. Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established
    blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Many thanks

  132. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s
    a very easy on the eyes which makes it much
    more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often.

    Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Exceptional work!

    • They were the first but definitely not the best. Mostly because they are restricted to $5 jobs.

      My site lets you choose what price to post the jobs at and only keeps 9% of the total, letting freelancers keep 91% of all their profits.

      That all being said, fiverr is the first and has at least 2 year head start on the rest so of course it has the most users, but that is not always the best!

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  136. I started a new freelance marketplace site, called FREELANCEY – it has freelance gigs like fiverr, and freelance jobs like odesk… check it out here:

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  140. Good list, it provide options for me to pick which service gives the most value for my money and for that I thank you very much.

  141. Another Awesome fiverr clone i came across is GIGSCENT – . Buy and sell from $5-$200

  142. honestly super suprised its the only commission free, freelance site in the world it should be like #1

  143. hello;

    clone fiverr version fr or french or francais canada

  144. I think that should be in this list..!
    Through this site, people are making much more money than in other fiverr alternative site. Why? So, because of its potent affiliate program! It is really amazing to make money through your gigs and in the meanwhile, passively through your affiliates.

  145. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.

    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  146. Thanks, You can add this site too. great site ,great support

    Gigscent offers an awesome marketplace platform for freelancers and talented/skilled people to offer their services/skills priced from $5 to $200.


  147. You also forgot It’s very new but still I like it because its Euro’s instead of Dollars :)

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  155. Is there anybody know French website like fiverr?
    I google but can not find it.

    If anyone can tell me will be appreciated!

  156. Hi Phill,

    great overview here!

    Please also add – A marketplace for SEO sevices.

    Thanks ;)

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  158. Its a shame that non of them has any activaty, we realy could use one more fiverr like site.

  159. Really interesting information thanks !
    but i think fiverr is the best

    • I dont normally like these posts as they are not great for readers
      but as you service looks great your approved!

      Looks great

  160. The best one I have seen is always get paid on time and great support.

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  161. New one is

  162. Thank you for your article, I also find it website is in French, English and Spanish

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