Top 10 Pay Per Click Sites

Pay per click advertising is an art.  One of the most basic things to realise from the outset is, if you have no time you will need money, if you have little money you will need time. But in order not to waste money or time on pay per click it is important to discover the do’s and don’t’s.  Careful evaluation of the keywords most relevant to your products or services is helped by tools offered by several of the pay per click sites and this again needs time for research.  There are many sites and search engines you can visit to evaluate which one would best serve your needs.  Here are our top 10 to get you going.

Top 10 Pay Per Click Sites


In conjunction with the quantity of click you get on your pay per click advertisement, 7 Search focus on the quality of the clicks you get.  They are partnered with hundreds of niche web properties, search engines and portals to connect your campaigns to quality targeted traffic and obtain new business leads and sales.  They have been in business since 1999 and offer an economic affordable opportunity to get targeted traffic.

Be a Advertiser!

#2 Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser have a large directory of websites from which you can choose in order to customise the audience at whom you are aiming your advertisement.  You can also limit the geographical range for your business to ensure your leads are relevant and appropriate.  When placing an advertisement and bid you set a target on the maximum you are prepared to pay per click and can monitor the performance of your ad in real time conversions through their advertiser centre.


#3 Yahoo Search

Yahoo is in partnership with Microsoft Adcentre, their ad serving platform, for provision of their pay per click advertising. With an Adcentre account you can reach over 30% of the search market and thousands of searchers.  In partnership with Microsoft, Yahoo! continues to innovate in ad formats and monetization opportunities in search, bringing advertisers enhanced visibility, increased reach, and improved ROI.  Your ads will be targeted at potential customers interested in your products or services.

#4 Bidsystem

With an offer of spend $50 and get $50 worth of advertising free this low cost pay per click site is well worth checking out.  Their costs per click star at 50 cents and they produce cost effective leads and targeted traffic at low cost.  They have a dedicated account management team which will assist you with your campaign set up and optimisation.  Just write your advertsiement, choose your categories and you are away.

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#5 Solutions

The keyword market place is the largest privately held network of pay per click publishers serving over 20 billion ad impressions monthly.  They are an auction bidding platform which does not use algorithms or formulae, instead they have a system called click shield which actively sifts clicks to aid quality clicks to go to your advertisement.  You can customise your traffic sources in real time.  They start at just 1 cent per click and allow you to adjust your bid by fractions of that amount.  Their bonus offer is to add $100 to your account when you deposit $100!

#6 Google Adwords

This site is generally considered one of the best as the number of visitors to Google are huge.  A carefully prepared online pay per click advertising campaign can be extremely fruitful.  You can choose where your advertisement appears, set a budget to suit your means, as large or as small as you like and by checking regularly can easily monitor the impact of each ad.  among a variety of helpful information Google also offer an excellent tool to help you with your keyword search.

#7 Kanoodle

Having been established in 1999 this pay per click site has a wealth of experience to offer companies.  They offer help tools to schedule, budget and manage your campaigns to assist in aiming your advertisement at targeted prospective leads.  They also have a customer service to which you can go for further assistance.  Their purchase and placement systems are easy to use and the advertiser solutions help you reach your customers across a wide network of search sites.

#8 Microsoft Adcentre

Pay per click advertising through this site offers a robust set of tools and information to help you maximise your campaign and promote your business.  The advertisements you place can be shown on a number of Yahoo sites including Bing and a variety of affiliate and partner organisation sites such as Microsoft and MSN, Facebook and the Wall Street Journal.  Several factors are taken into account when the ranking of your advertisement is determined, not least your keywords and the type of content included in associated sites.

#9 Etarget

This pay per click site was established in 2002 to target central and eastern Europe.  Their network includes thousands of networks in Austria, Check Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia so if your market is in one or all of these this could be the site for you.  They have a team of expert consultants to help you find the targeted traffic for which you are searching. Despite fears by some that these markets are not for them they have a blog post which is worth reading to explain the current situation.

#10 Marchex

Marchex offer a service to develop and place targeted adverts on hundreds of top, branded websites ensuring you reach a premium audience.  The only thing you pay for is performance.  Advertising is targeted to reach a premium audience on top branded websites. You can select the categories,  keyword, and which sites you wish it to be placed in order to reach and retain new traffic and customers.


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